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What is Rattan Furniture?


Rattan furniture is a unique style of furniture that is constructed traditionally using the rattan vine. Found in South east asia and other tropical climate the rattan vine has been here and has been used for hundreds of years to make rattan garden furniture and other household goods. It has been a known material due to its durability and the widespread availability in the area.


The rattan vine is a natural state and stiff as well as tough but then when heat is being applied and for a duration of time a vine becomes pliable. As soon as the heat is being withdrawn the vine becomes stiff again and uncompromising state that can be strong and durable. If the vine is being used as a furniture it is known always as constructed the wicker process that is the remnant of which is being plaited between supporting material to give a hatched effect.


By tradition the rattan is constructed in a solid timber frame and from teak wood. Once the frame is being constructed the rattan is heated and applied in wicker method. Work has been done very quickly before the vine cools and stiffens it returns to its natural state. The resulting rattan sofa set furniture is tough and very durable object that can last between 15and 25 years. Traditional rattan outdoor furniture doesn't need a huge effort in maintenance. It can be cleaned easily with just a wet cloth but avoid it being soaked with water.


It is advisable to avoid the furniture be under the sun for a long period of time as this may lead to  discoloration which can be a determinant of the draw back in the organic material if left in a long period of time it turns into moldy. This very traditional furniture can be environmentally special if the material are sourced in a renewable source. One thing to find is to purchase a teak frame it must be from a government approved renewable or managed resource. Check out to gain more info about rattan furniture.


If you want to buy rattan furniture for outfoor use and live in wet climate and perhaps you may be able to consider getting synthetic rattan furniture set. Synthetic is the new developed technology that is rattan in feature. Using nylon man made strand steel or just an aluminum framed furniture in a wicker style that also mimics the natural trait of a rattan furniture.  The fiber is made locally and the prices can reflect in a much lower cost. This kind of development is best if the product is used under the sun or outdoors.